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The head and the heart


{Three's a crowd}
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Multiple Intelligences Series// part 2 of 6

Sherlock/ Musical Intelligence —

Characterized by an ability to produce, remember, and make meaning of different patterns of sound. There is often an effective connection between music and the emotions; mathematical and musical intelligences often share common thinking processes. 

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i commissioned belly and!!!!!.。;・+ヾ(♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ゚:。・+

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this is my girlfriend, thank you for your time

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Sherlock let go of John’s face to pull him in against his chest. John let go of Sherlock’s coat. He lifted his chin to Sherlock, wetting his lips. Sherlock leaned down and kissed him, tugging the edges of his coat around John’s back.

The wind blew down another shower of cherry blossoms. Sherlock pulled John closer against him, his lips sliding over John’s.

Commission for the always amazing holmesianpose :) Another one based on chapter 9 of her lovely story “Thirst”, which you should all read here !

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take a better look.

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Somebody loves you.
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teen sherlock getting his navel pierced and his piercing is a little bee

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excuse the FUCK outta me

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We would never do that to John Watson.

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